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AlphaBetty Saga

Unlock AlphaBetty levels & FREE Lives

Type your sessionKey to unlock your current level of AlphaBetty Saga. Verify you are a human by clicking "I'm not a robot".

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Counter to unlock levels

You need to visit some pages ...

  • 10 to Unlock 1 level for FREE
Frequent questions about AlphaBetty Saga Cheats

Where can I get my sessionKey?

In this page we have a videotutorial (What I have to do?) with all steps you must follow in order to get your session key, then you will be able to unlock levels and enjoy FREE lives for AlphaBetty Saga.

I can't unlock the level

Verify that your session key is correct and you are trying to unlock your current level of AlphaBetty Saga.

How can I get gold?

We don't give gold. But, why do you need gold if you can unlock automatically any level of AlphaBetty Saga even get FREE lives?

Not always I receive lives

Keep in mind that your session key is constantly changing every time you refresh the game, refresh your browser or press F5. So, each time you refresh AlphaBetty Saga, remember to get a new session key.

How can I refresh AlphaBetty Saga?

To refresh AlphaBetty Saga you have to refresh your browser tab where AlphaBetty Saga is running, you may also click on refresh button, press F5 or just click here.

How can I get lives?

The process is the same as unlock any level. On the top right of the website you will find an option to get free lives. Then, you have to write your session key and click "Get FREE lives NOW" button.

Do you need help?

Stucked on AlphaBetty Saga?

Pick the level you are stuck on and leave your comments. Learn from the other and beat all levels.

Counter to unlock levels?

Unlock more levels just visiting more pages of this website! For every page view (different that this one) you will be closer to unlock another FREE level.

It is very easy, as more page views of do you visit, more levels you will be able to unlock, to do that, you can for exemple visit the AlphaBetty Saga levels webpage, or visit the level 320, 177, etc.

Then when you come back to this page, you will see the number of remaing webpages you have to visit to unlock another FREE level of AlphaBetty.

¿Do you need any help about how to get free lives or unlock levels of AlphaBetty Saga? Please leave a comment: